Бывшая жена Александра Кержакова рассказала о тирании с его стороны In the days of Milan Kerzhakov said that he had parted ways with the player. Journalists contacted the former civilian spouse of an athlete Ekaterina Safronova. A young woman claims she foresaw the breakup.
Бывшая жена Александра Кержакова рассказала о тирании с его стороны

Rumors that the family of Alexander Kerzhakov is not going smoothly, there was this winter. Moreover, the player was seen in the company of some stranger. However, the legitimate wife of the athlete Milan did not comment on the speculation of fans and journalists.

But a few days ago the patience of Kerzhakova burst. She said in one of the social networks that broke up with Alexander. “I’m no longer in the relationship… It is absolutely fallen, unworthy of respect the man, alas,” said the young woman.

Civil ex-wife of footballer Catherine Safronov commented on the breakup with her ex-husband with Milan. It should be noted that Kerzhakov and Safronov did not register their relationship. In 2013, the couple had a son, Igor. And after some time, Alexander has filed a lawsuit against Catherine – with the requirement to deprive her of the right to educate their child. From October 2014 heir player does not live with the birth mother.

“Yes, son, with him. The situation is not resolved. My position is wait and see. The fact that Kerzhakov will divorce Milana, I’m not surprised. Knew that their lives sooner or later it will end. Milan itself was telling me that they are all not smooth,” – said Safronov.

According to Catherine, Alexander and Milana the relationship soured about a year ago. Safronov suggested that perhaps soon there will be new details of the breakup of a football player with his wife. Recall, the couple last spring, was born the son Artemy.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. All secret becomes obvious. Will see, more will come out. Just now, I don’t want all their negativity to bring down on himself. I know a lot of what is happening in their family. I can say one thing – just me, God took from the man. And just think our common friends. Tell me about it, they say, you’re lucky. Now I do not want to me to their history somehow attracted. And not wanting to be associated with Kerzhakov,” said Catherine.

Safronov told that he had met with Milan about a year ago. Then Kerzhakov wanted to help her to communicate with his son Igor. However, Alexander, according to Catherine, forbade her from seeing her heir.

“Last time I saw my son when he was a year old. He is now five. So consider. Kerzhakov does not allow me to communicate with the child under any circumstances. No custody is not deprived, and the court did not limit me to communicate with my son. It seems to me that my ex-spouse problems,” said Catherine.

Catherine hears the news about his son only by hearsay. From sources Safronova found out that her Igor has lived with his grandmother, the mother of Alexander.

“Kerzhakov seems there is not close. On the phone we can’t communicate. He is still small. And do not understand son, that’s the aunt calling him. You can see how everything in life turned around. No wonder they say, on someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built. That’s for sure. Milan is now aware of this,” shared Catherine.

Catherine noted that Milan has maintained friendly relations. According to Safronova, Kerzhakov made a serious mistake by associating his life with Alexander.

“She understood what his bad history with his previous wives. Recently my word against the player, no one took seriously. I yelled to nowhere. Others find it difficult to believe that such a cute cover can be a scary person,” – said Safronov in the interview to “MK”.