Media: Prince Harry ready to marry Meghan Markle

СМИ: принц Гарри готов жениться на Меган Маркл

It is clear that the media often boost the event, but the smoke without fire does not happen. British media reported that the younger brother of Prince William Prince Harry ready to marry his sweetheart, American actress Meghan Markle right now.

The news that the most famous ginger in the universe, a darling of the British Prince Harry is Dating the American actress, star of the series “Force majeure”, for several months, in a few days put on the ears of all. While the press gathers information on friends and acquaintances of the couple, she Megan bathed in the rays struck her fame and decided, taking advantage of the General excitement, to present a collection of clothes created for the canadian brand Reitmans.
But the 32-year-old Lothario reportedly has managed to introduce his beloved with relatives and seriously thinking about marriage.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry has already seriously thinking about marriage. Before the engagement is still far away, but he is already making wedding plans. This whole Harry, he’s such a character. If the girl sunk into his soul, then he was thrown into the deep end and thinks that this love is forever” — said one of the friends of the Prince.