The education of the son Snigir and Tsyganov do relatives of the actress

Воспитанием сына Снигирь и Цыганова занимаются родственники актрисы

Yuliya Snigir became the woman Yevgeny Tsyganov left the family, leaving his pregnant common-law wife Irina Leonov and six children.

Later it became clear that the seven children in the previous marriage for Tsyganova is not the limit: Eugene Julia gave birth to a son Fyodor.

Journalists have found out, as is now living the family Snigir and Tsyganov, who has been raising their child, while the actors at work.

It turned out that the duties of care he took over his grandmother Yulia’s mother Svetlana Leonidovna. For the sake of the grandson of the woman even left work and now spends only him.

As said the grandfather of the actress, now to look after the baby much easier because it is already translated with breastfeeding: “”Julia is his first time breast-fed, and then he was transferred to artificial feeding. And Julia is not tied — it is all on the move, on set. He says he can’t quit his job, needs to feed his family. And we support it. Julia is counting on himself. Though Tsyganov and helps, but he has still so many children… of Course,the content of Fyodor more on Julia”, — told the press Victor Sirikin.

According to the man, Evgeniy Tsyganov, sometimes coming and visiting his son, but it happens very rarely. Basically, the actor is constantly on the set.