СМИ: Джонатан Риз Майерс женился и готовится впервые стать папой

Difficult period in the life of an actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers will soon have to be replaced with positive emotions and joyful events.

A number of foreign media reports that the star of “the Tudors” and his sweetheart Mara lane has secretly married. We will remind, the engagement pair took place in 2014.

But the good news of Myers does not end there: Jonathan is preparing to become a father. And it will happen very soon. British newspaper the Mirror, referring to his informants the day before wrote about beremennosti Asian actress.

Mara, you’ll be in the 28th week of pregnancy. She and Jonathan look forward to the birth of a child, they “are very excited and in love”. By the way, in favor of the confirmation of the rumors held the wedding of the pair says what the page on Instagram Mara changed her name to “Mara lane Reese Myers” and started calling Jonathan only as “Hubby” or “husband”.

Until that official confirmation of these news. If this is still true, we congratulate the couple and wish health to the baby.