Boris Moiseev is going to marry an American

Борис Моисеев собрался жениться на американке

Recently Boris Moiseev was the main hero of the program “the Secret million dollar. There leading Lera Kudryavtseva spoke with the artist on various topics, including a question was raised about starting a family. On offer Kudryavtseva married (not to her, but in General) Moses was negatively shaking his head. It was quite clear that the institution of marriage is not something to aspire to Boris. Perhaps that is why the message that the 62-year-old singer is going to go to the registry office became such a surprise.

The singer decided to legalize their relationship with the American businesswoman Adele Todd in one of the Central registry offices of the capital.

To celebrate their nuptials the couple are planning on the roof of the hotel, which boasts panoramic views of the Kremlin and Red square.

Note that Moses himself yet from any comment.

“Soon you all will see, — said Boris – Bear with me! And now excuse me – gotta go for a fitting of a coat by Valentin Yudashkin”.

It is worth saying that the news of the imminent marriage of Moses many doubts and mistrust. The fact is that for many years the artist related to the category of homosexuals. Moses although he denies it and says that it is ridiculous to hear such speculation: “It makes me laugh. A write and say that like me some of them could be physically. What I am a homosexual? Just had a play “Child of Vice”, after which it all went. But if the person playing Hitler or Stalin, it’s not saying he’s the Fuhrer or Stalin, right? Why, then, I am considered gay?”