Как побороть бессонницу: три простых совета

This article is devoted to the rapid falling asleep. The topic is very relevant because in our time many people do not get enough sleep. We will talk about three methods a quick sleep that will be most useful to business people, businessmen and entrepreneurs who have a full schedule.

So, you lay down to sleep but can not sleep because so many thoughts about everything. In the mind of chaos. You don’t decide right now, no questions, this is a common concern. All you have to do is not be lazy, to get out of bed, take a Notepad or notebook, pen or pencil. Now put on paper everything that is bothering you. Write down the actions that need to be taken first thing tomorrow morning. Write what calls you need to make that figure out what actions to take. Tell paper what bothers you and you free your mind of some of the problems that cannot be addressed now but which prevent you from sleeping. Remember that your head is a very great value, you need to use it properly. The head is not the computer to store files and not a notebook. It is necessary for the decision of current tasks. So take care of your head from unnecessary information.
The following method is designed to stop the flow of thoughts. Make it very easy, you need to open your mouth wide. Imagine that you went to the dentist and open my mouth. Only at the dentist you do it unnaturally hard, because you’re afraid. And now you are home and are safe. You can feel free to open your mouth. Try to make the lower jaw you have to live as much as possible. Stay in this position for some time. Can be quite and one minute. It is possible that after you immerse yourself in the dream, not even noticing how it happened. By the way, tooth pain is one of the most frequent problems with sleep,in this visit to the dentist should not be delayed indefinitely. But if You have children and they also have problems with your teeth, you should go to pediatric dentistry city of Chelyabinsk, if You live nearby. Highly qualified doctors will help to solve all issues associated with dental health in children and thus they will not be afraid of dentists.
The third Board is connected with the breath. You will need to learn to breathe in an unusual way. This method is called 4, 7, 8. The gist of it is that you are doing the breath for four counts, then hold your breath and count to seven, then, breathing out, count to eight. It’s simple. You must succeed.
I hope these three simple tips will help you to sleep and be able to operate efficiently throughout the following day. Good luck!