Утеплилась: Волочкова примерила костюм единорога

Home ballerina prefers to go in a suit with a pink tail.

We all remember the summer home photos of Anastasia in a revealing bathing suits, ballerina, lying on the lawn in some sexy thongs, covering the nakedness of fir branches. Those days are gone. Then came the cold and it seems the star is also not given heating. What I do to warm up, even a unicorn will be!

Many now complain about the temperature of the house. With difficulty I pull myself out from under the blanket, when it’s 10 degrees and the heating was not given the apartment from the cold and his teeth chattering. It seems that unlucky in this respect, not only to you, but Volochkova.

How else to explain that the dancer who likes to show the figure, exchanged sexy babydoll Teddy pajamas?

“Here’s nasecki live in our house. … … And one unicorn’s,” – wrote Nastya and published a photo in which she and daughter Arish in costumes stuffed animals.

Followers immediately guessed what was the matter.

“You have also still the heating was not turned on! Saw these pajamas, you the company need Superman!” – write fans.

Many agree that this cozy home clothes Anastasia much better than her usual outfits, when all in the mind.

And still fans believe that Anastasia is a wonderful mother. Not every fact will wear the costume of the unicorn, to please a daughter.