Maxim Vitorgan was proud of the character of a little Plato

Максим Виторган гордится характером маленького Платона The actor spoke about family life and how growing his charming heir. Very soon the child turns three months. Maxim Vitorgan finds the baby is very calm, attentive and even prudent.

      Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak – one of the most talked about pairs in Russian show business. Despite what detractors predicted, the stars of the imminent divorce, they have been together for more than three years, and in November of last year, became the parents of the charming of Plato. Actor and TV presenter rarely share with the public the details of their relationship, preferring to keep them secret from everyone. Recently, however, Maxim Vitorgan made an exception, and frankly told about family life.

      As it turned out, the famous actor at times in conflict with his beloved wife. At such moments, Ksenia Sobchak asks her husband how he sees himself in ten years. “Oh, is the nasty question that is always in all disputes asking me my wife. I know this psychological trick…” said Vitorgan. In such cases, he prefers to move away from a direct answer.

      Maxim Vitorgan also spoke about how he was changed by the birth of a son. In recognition of the actor, he just loves spending time with the baby. The actor admires the character of Plato and says he doesn’t want to lose him even for a minute.

      “Every time I look at him and not understand why do I even need to leave home. In effect, apparently, of some age-related changes is a completely different experience, not like with my older kids… “a Wash.” – I think it’s called booze on the birth of a child, I’ve only put about two to three weeks after the birth of Plato. And then only under the wild pressure of friends – they shamed me. And when Danya was born, I remember the next day at the restaurant with friends celebrated this joyous occasion. Now they are trying to convince yourself to leave. He is such a good guy: calm, careful, considered. With him fun,” shared the actor.

      Recall that the wedding of Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak took place in February 2013. Recently the couple celebrated the fourth anniversary of marriage. On this occasion, the presenter made a touching post on social networks, thanking her beloved husband. “Thank you, my most wonderful man in the world! And for today, and for all other days!” – wrote Ksenia.

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