Philip fainted on the set

Филипп Киркоров потерял сознание на съемках The artist went to the trouble. The singer will appear in one episode of the sitcom “Voroniny”. As planned by the writers, a man had to surprise the women on March 8. However, things did not go as planned.

      Филипп Киркоров потерял сознание на съемках

      Philip Kirkorov will appear in one episode of the famous films of “Voronin”, which airs on the channel STS. In the new issue of the artist played himself. His solo performance was a gift for the characters of the sitcom.

      According to the script, the character Kostya won the lottery surprise. For the fair sex had to be Philip. The artist came, but the woman was not at home. The owner was trying to keep the singer away, so I used all the methods. One of the ways brought the artist to faint. When he awoke, the man took Voronin maniacs and called to the aid employees of OMON.

      Kirkorov felt on the set very relaxed. The singer joked, improvised, offered ideas. In one of the scenes the artist had to simultaneously sing and hand out slaps and the other with the king of pop struggled with loving fans.

      Philip said that he really enjoyed working with the team of the TV series “Voronin”. According to the artist, he quickly made the role his own. “I sing about love and especially for women, so what is happening in his clear and close. My tradition to congratulate the ladies for thirty years, but early in our family it was a special occasion,” – said Kirkorov.

      The Director of the series “Voronin” Alexander Zhigalkin was surprised how easily Philip joined the team, and sparkling as he joked during filming. “We didn’t expect such a vivid actor’s manifestations”, – told the Creator of the film.

      Some of the stars of the TV series “Voronin” Philip was familiar. The artist is friends with Ekaterina Volkova and her husband, Andrei Karpov. According to the singer of the role of Faith, the husband helped the king of pop music in the arrangement of the Park for children, Martin and Alla Victoria.

      “Andrew and Philip met on the set of dance. In life he was responsive, kind, attentive, and, as we saw at the site “Voronin,” a professional person. He instantly joined in process and not capricious, which is rare for stars of such level”, – said Ekaterina.