Максим Виторган самостоятельно расследует громкое преступление
The actor suspects in the murder of singer Ksana Sergienko.

Максим Виторган самостоятельно расследует громкое преступление

Ksana Sergienko

Photo: personal archive of the singer

In the course of investigation of loud criminal case
singer, star of musical TV show ksana Sergienko was a suspect in
serious crime. At some moment it seemed that literally all the evidence
work against her. The saving could be the words of actor Maxim Vitorgan,
but he questioned the innocence of the singer.

Such serious passions were played during
the first release of a radically new detective
TV format Russian TV — project “Sherlock”,
which will be released March 16 on channel TV-3.
In each issue of the new show team
star parties unravels a complex crime story, invented
the best crime authors in the country. Among them: Yulia Shilova, Tatiana
Polyakov, Vadim Panov, Oleg Roy, Natalie
Andreev, Arthur Krupenin, Kira Strelnikova,
Sergey Litvinov. Players get
dossier on their characters. Each of them is now a suspect in
murder. They have to reconstruct what happened and find out who it is
of the players guilty. The task of the “offender” is to confuse the trail. Helps
participants unravel a crime leading — Maxim Vitorgan. Conceived it
his probing questions and supposedly accidentally dropped by the phrase changing the course of
the investigation and its result.

“About who the real killer is, I don’t know almost
until the very end of the investigation, — tells Maxim Vitorgan. — So I
as well as the players themselves build their chain of logic, leading internal
investigation. In the first episode seemed to me suspicious behavior
one of the participants — singer Xan Sergienko. She was not as everybody else.
That is why at some point with my questions I tried to hint
the rest of that “killer” is it. However, then I several times changed its
opinion. Some of them eventually turned out to be true and were, if at all, and the name of the true “criminal”, I,
of course, I will not disclose. You will learn everything themselves.”

“I’ll tell you honestly, to go as one of the
suspects in the murder, even television, not the most pleasant feelings
says ksana Sergienko. — In the format of “Sherlock” that he
fully immerses players in the atmosphere of a real investigation. Nothing
similar on the TV I have not seen anywhere else in the world. On the one hand players
try to work a team, but one person plays against all. It
adds excitement. I really liked to participate in these surveys.
Sure the audience will enjoy the show. That it keeps in suspense from the
the first minute to the final denouement — by far”.

Maxim Vitorgan

Photo: Press-service of TV-3