Виктория Дайнеко готовится к рождению второго ребенка
The singer wants to give her daughter a brother.

Виктория Дайнеко готовится к рождению второго ребенка

Victoria Daineko with a friend

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Dayneko thought about that are ready to give
my daughter has a brother or sister. The singer began to dream of the birth of the second
child, talking with a pregnant friend. “We also really need a brother or
sister… — says the star in the personal microblog. — Alena well — they have already
the third …”

Victoria Dayneko told how the daughter has changed her life

By the way, after
the birth of his long-awaited baby, the singer has reduced the number of times for the sake of communication
daughter. The singer even explained to some fans, why did
so. This happened after Victoria noticed that her blog has become
less popular than before. The singer posted a sad picture and
appealed to the fans.

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“Always sad to speak out loud about what you
fallen out of love, the singer wrote on the page on the social network. Now
the time has come for me. You don’t love me anymore and somewhere to run from
subscribers. And I miss you already”… Members here have written that have not heard
from Vicky new songs, and her posts appear in the feed once every two weeks. Artist
decided to put all points over “I” and make excuses for the fans. “Many people write
that I lost, disappeared and so on. So, my dear! I
with you! I have not gone anywhere and never about you don’t forget! I’m probably not
the right actor and not make music for the sake of their own ambitions. I’m not recording
songs to get awards, I don’t sing songs to me often twisted on radio.
I connected with the music because it is an integral part of me, and I sing only
this reason. All music awards, TV, radio — it’s only the second
the nice part about my great love. You know that 2 years ago I became a mother,
and let this is partly a selfish decision, but I believe that every child has
the right to mother in such a special period of life. So I slowed down a little bit
at the time, I always gave concerts, though not as often as before, but
the daughter grows, and I am more and more going back to work. I have for you is ready
the whole album and a lot of pleasant moments which I will soon with you
share. Thank you that you’re worried and support, and miss you! Believe me, it is
mutually! Just want you to understand that all the time! And all
will happen!”