Сюрприз: Селена Гомес и Джастин Бибер снова расстались!
Became known why the lovers decided to take a break.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

Fans of Selena Gomez disappointed, again she decided to break up with her boyfriend Justin
Bieber. But their relationship only started to “enter into a rut” and fans
the singer was happy for her, thinking that Gomez has finally found his happiness.

Now fans of the 25-year-old Selena trying to understand
why she took this decision since recently she seemed so
happy! The official reason
forced Gomez to cancel his affair with Bieber not reported. However, fans
sure it’s the mother of singer — Mandy, because from the moment they
resumed their relationship, the woman didn’t even try to hide: it is categorically opposed to Justin. Shortly before the New Year, Mandy even went to the hospital with a nervous breakdown, which
was caused by her feelings for her daughter. Mother of the singer was sure Bieber
again will break her daughter’s heart.

Recall, Selena and Justin, who in the past
met intermittently for three years, resumed his affair last fall. By the way, in order to reunite
Bieber, Gomez has broken up with her former boyfriend — Abel Thisteam,
literally wore it on his hands, and whom she was going to marry. The only
now what is there for Selena fans, it’s the hope that they will reconcile. After all
as hinted singer, she doesn’t think his breakup with Bieber final.
Maybe they just need time to sort out their relationships and in themselves.