Максим Виторган предъявляет детям жесткие требования The actor admitted that it does not have to admire the heirs. Maxim Vitorgan said that trying to become sons and a daughter that is a friend, not a mentor. He believes that the most important thing for parents to gain the child’s trust.
Максим Виторган предъявляет детям жесткие требования

In November last year, actor Maxim Vitorgan became a father for the third time. His wife Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to a charming boy, whom the happy parents named Plato. Many moms and dads are ready to admire everything that makes them small children. However in conversation with journalists the actor hinted that his praise is not easy to earn.

“I’m actually quite strict about their children and demanding, they know it. I’m not one of those parents who, “Oh, how little design you drew, it’s brilliant!”. And maybe this is wrong from a psychological point of view,” admitted Maxim.

Vitorgan proud of the eldest daughter Polina. The girl is only 20 years old, but she’s already in good standing in the actor’s environment. The actor admitted that it began to approach the filmmakers and colleagues, to Express admiration for his daughter. However, even this does not stop demanding father from criticism.

“As for Pauline as an actress, she has a number of difficulties associated with even more of her human qualities, rather than professional, which may stop her career. I know we talked on this subject. But if she overcome, that will put to shame and granddad, and me and all of us together, she’s good,” he shared his reasoning Vitorgan.

Despite the fact that Pauline decided to follow in the footsteps of the Pope and a famous grandfather, max doesn’t want sons chose his profession. He believes that it is not best way for men, however, does not specify what factors led him to this conclusion. However, the actor understands that it is not necessary to suppress the impulses of the heirs and have to live with any of them.

“It’s important to remember that this is a special person right from childhood has its own rights to a lot, if not all. We must have his trust and, of course, try our best to become just a friend to him is the most important. Not a mentor, but a friend. This is for you in life is very useful in order to protect children from any troubles,” revealed the secret of harmonious relations Vitorgan in conversation with the publication Woman.ru.