Dana Borisova lost “the battle of your life”

Дана Борисова проиграла «главную битву в своей жизни»

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova lost “the battle of your life.” A celebrity staying in Thailand for the treatment of drug addicts admitted that they will now be able to see his daughter Pauline only once a day and then – in the presence of the father.

“At this moment when I write these lines to experience sadness, grief and a certain detachment, because just talking with the lawyer Evgeny Thin about the determination of the place of residence of Pauline. From now on, I will be able to see her only from 14:00 to 15:00 in the presence of the father,” said Dana.

But such a verdict is, oddly enough, the TV presenter is happy – she realizes that in the position in which it is now, full bring and keep the girl can’t. After recovering from drug addiction, Borisov will give them all a chance at a better life.
“If we consider the situation in which I found myself, for many reasons, this option is probably best because now I have a chance to change the future, and your and of Pauline🍀🍀🍀 At least I do everything in my power ! If I was in Moscow, I confess I don’t know what just happened to me. Discussed all this on the group and received support. Thank you all, your Dana” — posted Borisov on his page in the social network.
Recall that the former civil husband and The father of her daughter Maxim Aksenov appealed to the court to formalize custody of his daughter. This option they with Dana discussed this winter. To deprive a woman of the parental rights Maxim is not going to, but while he wants the daughter to live with him and not with her mother Borisova. This does Dana.
Pauline now lives with his father, mainly in Europe. Tanned and happy, she’s smiling in all photos in the social network. There would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped.