Maxim Matveev has needed emergency medical care

Максиму Матвееву потребовалась экстренная медицинская помощь
The actor was cast on a few stitches on her face.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: @maxim_matveev_ Instagtam Maksim Matveev

Maxim Matveev fully and completely dedicated to his profession. On the eve of the actor during the rehearsal was so fascinated by the process that was injured. Maxim needed the help of the surgeon, as he told personally.

“Dorabatyvalsya…” — says Matveev events of yesterday. Not to scare fans, the photo and the wounds on the face of it to publish did not. Maxim later showed a selfie from the office of the University where the actor was stitched. Reasons for concern the fans: the actor was given the necessary medical assistance and he was then released home.

It is worth noting that dedication to the scene brings Matveev recognition and fame. He recently got into a long list of award “stars of the theatre — 2018”. Maxim may soon be awarded “Best actor”. In addition, the performance of “Kynaston”, for which Maxim has decided on an extreme transformation, can become the “Best performance”. “The competition is growing, the next task is to get into the shortlist. Until the end of August will be a vote, and in September those who score the most votes will move on and find yourself in the verge of victory,” — says Maxim.