“Better get dressed,” Valery criticized for selfie in a bikini

«Лучше оденьтесь»: Валерию раскритиковали за селфи в бикини
The singer stood up adult daughter.


Photo: @valeriya (Valeria Instagram)

Valeria spends a lot of time and effort in 50 years to stay slim and fit. She recently showed a new selfie in a swimsuit and showed her girlish figure. But the criticized: netizens believe that the actress does not look young and sexy, and exhausted…

On taste and color, as we know, no friends. While some fans argued Valeria that she urgently need to gain a few pounds, not to look “dried roach”, others asked the singer to reveal the secrets of beauty. The singer, by the way, carefully reads the comments of their fans, and some are even responding.

Read and discuss microblogging Valeria and her children are grown. Anna Shulgina, by the way, jealous of my mother’s perfect figure. Some time ago the heiress of the singer managed extremely to lose weight, but it has not yet reached the mother’s result. “If it’s dystrophy, I have obesity stage 4!” — stood up for Valerie’s daughter.

It should be noted that the husband of Valerie Joseph Prigozhin is especially proud of the youthful appearance of Valeria. The producer looks up to his wife and also follows the rules of proper nutrition and comply with a strict training regime.