Максим Галкин получил оплеуху от известного актера
Stanislav Sadalsky continues to publicly humiliate the parodist.

Stanislav Sadalsky

Photo: @stassadal Instagram Stanislav Sadalsky

Personality Maxim Galkin does not give Stanislav Sadalsky rest. The actor for the third time recently wrote about how “incompetent” from his point of view, a parodist. This time he was photographed on the background of the poster, Galkina and gave him the example of Irakly Andronikov. The publication, which appeared in the microblog of Stanislaus, the actor writes about how he believes the Maxim, like all his colleagues, “dust star”.

“Irakli Andronicus — that’s a consummate imitator and parodist adored by all. Don’t know a single person who would not have loved him. Thanks to this brilliant artist and story-teller came to us not only voice but also visual images of Gorky, Alexei Tolstoy, Marshak, Fadeev, Pasternak, Chukovsky, a brilliant actor Ostuzhev, Shalyapin, Kachalov… And what we feed modern parodists, of whom so enthusiastically copy? — asks Sadalsky. — The best exhibits of the Russian pop music? Yes, these themselves have long forgotten their voices, our pop music is now, as a military cemetery that no star, then plywood. And it’s not that the current humor “caved in under the changeable world”, it’s just their level, the basement!”

Not so long ago Stanislav already criticized Maxim. Then it was associated with the premiere of the show “Stars under hypnosis”. The artist called the broadcast “stupid and sad”, and presenter of the program “mediocre artist”. A little earlier he spoke of the Galkin and his colleague Julia Menshovoj as “stupid monkeys”.

And the other day he recorded Galkin in “the Avengers,” saying that he feared for his safety and suggests that the Maxim can arrange the attempt on his life.

The most interesting thing about this story is that Maxim is not responding Stanislav “counter” insults. He took up a position to ignore the statements of the actor about himself. Impersonator is an active user of social networks and, of course, read the opus Sadalsky. Wonder how long enough patience Galkin?