Стас Пьеха развеял слухи о скандале с бабушкой
Edita was reunited with his family after the hospital.

Stas Peha grandma Edita Stanislavovna

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

About three weeks ago in a press there were publications about that Edita was abandoned by their relatives. It was reported that the actress was in hospital in St. Petersburg without the necessary medication and family support. On the eve of the Stas, the grandson of the singer dispelled the rumors that allegedly broke relations with his grandmother.

Peha said that during his visit to the Northern capital visited the Edita Stanislavovna. He has published a couple of pictures with grandma and talked about what persuaded her to go out with him on stage in the near future. Collins reminded his grandson that is the record holder of the stage: she competes on the big stage for 62 years (even more than Joseph Kobzon). “June 2 will work?” — asked Stas at grandma’s. “Where to go? I will!” — said 80-year-old Edita. So, soon fans Piekha will see a new presentation of people’s artist.

Apparently, Collins is feeling much better and was able to finally heal bronchitis, for which she was hospitalized. And information in the media about how family members turned away from the Edita was just a rumor.