Maxim Galkin does not know how many rooms in his castle

Максим Галкин не знает, сколько комнат у него в замке

The artist made an interesting confession in one of his last interviews.

About luxurious castle Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva in the village of Mud, perhaps everyone knows. Even more recently, the showman often spent there shooting for the program “Maximmaxim” on the First channel. Of course, all spectators and jurnalistov interested in the question: how many rooms does the house of the brightest couples of the Russian show-business? And, it turned out, the answer is nobody knows… Even Maxim.

“I specially did not consider, do not keep this in mind”, – said the showman. And also said that in fact the mansion is not that big as it seems…

“Five-six levels – it is only in the tower, and basically we have a three storey house with a basement, – said Galkin. — Say, the space in which we live, coincides with the space constructed. I am often asked: “Well, do you have rooms that you never go? Why you constructed them?“ I have no such rooms! The person asking such questions, and build me a house which will necessarily be unoccupied room. I even sometimes find myself thinking that would not hurt the new premises”.

In addition, the spouse of Alla Borisovna does not bother the fact that children can ruin expensive furniture in the castle. According to him, the interior, everything is provided to ensure that any scuffs and scratches are not conspicuous. So Harry, Lisa and her daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia, who often lives with his grandmother, can play in anything, they are allowed everything!

“There are interior styles (art Deco, minimalism, hi-tech), that any fading and distressing is absolutely contraindicated, it immediately catches the eye. And we in the castle opposite – specially aged, wood like worms pojedina. And if the child is somewhere hammered the nail will scratch something! For me, children are sacred, never a bad word out of me, if you ruin or break anything,” said Maxim.

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