Maxim Vitorgan refused to help her daughter

Максим Виторган отказался помогать дочери

From day to day Maxim Vitorgan will become a father. But for an actor, this experience is not new, since from a previous relationship he has a grown daughter Pauline and son Daniel. Looking at the relationship of Maxim and Polina it is already possible to form an opinion about what Vitorgan father.

But the boundless love that Maxim has for his daughter and he is her teacher whose task is to prepare her to serious adult life. In the upbringing of Pauline’s actor chose not to indulge her “connections” and simple solutions to any issues. Because even in choosing future profession and University admissions girl was forced to rely solely on their strength.

Maxim Vitorgan admitted that a finger not struck for the admission of Pauline in the acting Department.

“It has proved its right to that choice. She fought and fought for him for two years, preparing to enter,” said the husband of Ksenia Sobchak.