Максим Галкин разрешает детям хулиганить в замке Famous comedian almost three years, is enjoying fatherhood. It feels incredible enthusiasm, raising the adorable Lisa and Harry. Despite the fact that before the birth of her son and daughter Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva lived well together, the appearance of the heirs has been a miracle for the famous couple.

      Максим Галкин разрешает детям хулиганить в замке

      The famous humorist Maxim Galkin for the first time became a father on 18 September 2013. Enchanting twins Lisa and Harry, were born through a surrogate mother. For Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, the birth of kids became one of the most important stages in their lives. Children give them so much joy that celebrities wonder how to live without common children.

      Maxim Galkin: “For Lisa and Harry I – a reason to have fun”

      Almost three years elegant castle, which was built by Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, filled with children’s laughter. Despite the fact that house placed in the expensive furnishings, the husband of the prima Donna absolutely comfortable with the fact that young children are unable to break something or mess up.

      “Any property damage from them is apprehended as the wish that it was the biggest disaster in our life together. I absolutely quietly treat it. I and the castle was built largely because of its functionality. It is clear that we with Alla have earned to build an expensive house. But any other style is contraindicated damage! Scratched surface, cracked, slightly broken things from boxes in the interior. In the case of “ancient castle” all this just gives the feeling that the castle is old. When friends come to me ladies in high heels and ask whether you want to take your shoes off, I say: thank you! Go on, scratch, RUB. All for the benefit of the house,” he told Maxim in an interview.
      Максим Галкин разрешает детям хулиганить в замке

      The comedian enjoys his family life and upbringing of the kids. After the appearance of Lisa and Harry, he noticed that Alla Borisovna has become more peaceful. Galkin admires the wisdom of his wife, which raised not only his daughter Christina Orbakajte, but also directly participates in the life of grandchildren. Maxim believes that little Lisa and Harry will become self-sufficient individuals. Maxim Galkin: “I Hope our children Allah will not disgrace the honor of the family”

      “I am very attached to the children. It happened to me once. For me it is a miracle from the moment of their birth. And I never treated them as property. For me it’s independent personality, I am the first months I treat them with incredible respect. With respect to their opinion, their worldview. It is an ongoing delight from the very fact of their existence in your life. We all lived very happily before Lisa showed up and Harry, but now our life has changed so much, so subject to these two stunning creatures that I can’t even imagine how we lived before. It is fortunate that we have with Allah were such dear people in the house. All of them!” – shared arguments about favorite the heirs Galkin in an interview with “TV”.

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