Ирину Агибалову жестко осудили за фотографии в нижнем белье Subscribers of celebuski decided that at her age should not afford such liberties. However, there were also those who was sincerely admired the appearance of Irina and in the future intends to follow her example. Itself eks-the participant “Houses-2” do not pay attention to detractors and gladly shows off the results of your weight loss.

      Ирину Агибалову жестко осудили за фотографии в нижнем белье

      Some time ago fans of the TV project “Dom-2” from all over the country are actively discussing the results of an incredible transformation Irina Agibalova. Famous celebuski, as he was called by its participants and viewers of the reality show, managed a few months to lose dozens of extra pounds, make some plastic surgery to tighten and his own body. In short, look Aviablow Irina was stunning. But instead of words of admiration for the woman often receives from those who follow her life, messages with undisguised condemnation. It happened this time, when the grandmother of three adorable grandchildren placed in his microblog photo in a underwear.

      The picture shows 52-year-old Irina appeared in a very candid way, but still this image is hard to call obscene. For ex-participant reality show modest underwear, which emphasizes the results of its months-long efforts. However, many were quick to blame talibanesque misconduct.

      “A little is not comme Il faut at Your age,In my opinion. Though look decent, but this is too much”, “Why is 60 such a photo spread?”, “My mother is the same age as yours. She has a good figure, but I can’t grasp that she can put in the Instagram photo in their underwear. After all, there is her children, grandchildren, sons-in-law…” – excitedly wrote the popular users of the social network.
      Ирину Агибалову жестко осудили за фотографии в нижнем белье

      In this case, fans of Irina Alexandrovna hastened to rise to her defense. Girls noted that with such a figure there is nothing to be ashamed of, but age in this case does not matter. “Well-groomed woman.A trail what’s wrong with that? A grandmother can be and 40 for their grandchildren. and for all she’s a beautiful woman. Some and 20 have nothing to show”, “In this age, everything is possible. I have such a mother proud and I am proud of my. Note: Irina Aleksandrovna wonderful grandma, a wonderful mother and wife. For me the standard,” admitted the lady, watching the life of Agibalova and her family.

      Berry again: Star of the grandmother, whose age will surprise you

      In short, the innocent one has caused a strong reaction in the Network – in less than an hour, the photo gained thousands of likes and several hundred comments. Irina Aleksandrovna reply to the attacks of ill-wishers is in no hurry. A woman repeatedly admitted that he had learned to ignore those who do not wish her well, but because of nasty comments don’t hurt her more.

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