Александра Харитонова рассказала, что пережила за периметром «Дома-2» The controversial contestant of reality show has left the show for seven years. Upon returning to the famous Celestron girl began to build a relationship with a man, make new friends and work on yourself.

      Александра Харитонова рассказала, что пережила за периметром «Дома-2»

      In February of this year, the site of the teleproject “the House-2” opened its gates for the former contestants Alexandra Kharitonova. The return of the infamous blonde in a reality show was accompanied by heated discussions on the Network. Some condemn the blonde for this step, believing that outside the perimeter, it was unable to achieve anything, while others, on the contrary, rejoiced that seven years later will again see how your party is trying to build a relationship with and realize your potential.

      About what Alexander was involved in long years of his absence on the court, she told only now. According to the girl, she has made a lot of attempts to rebuild their lives – to build a strong relationship with a man, to get an interesting education and find a job – but soon realized that the idea to Shine on TV she is much closer.

      The infamous star of “House-2” condemned for returning to the project

      “In seven years of living outside the perimeter of the lot’s happened to me – there were UPS and downs, – says Kharitonov. – I tried myself as a singer and TV presenter, acted in films, went to acting school, much time was devoted to the formulation of diction, – it is possible to tell, this was the period of my transformation: I was saturated with information and tried to develop themselves, to become better. And I fell in love. And love unrequited. Then fell out of love. Then returned to “the House-2″. And once again convinced that everything in life is cyclical”.
      Александра Харитонова рассказала, что пережила за периметром «Дома-2»

      Again on the famous telestroke, Sasha began to build a relationship with the musician Timur Garafutdinova, but this does not lead to anything. Kharitonov realizes that it is time to start a family, learn to be a wife and mother, but to meet the right person it fails. All this leads to the girl thinking that she’s probably not ready for a serious change, for once in her life until now this has not happened.

      “Maybe it’s me and I don’t want it? I’m at a crossroads… One thing’s sure: I will never have the courage to give birth “for themselves”, without a husband. Although I admit that I am very lonely and want to be with a loving person. However, at my age, the phrase “to throw in the pool with his head” sounds funny, because the mind is already still dominates the heart. I hope soon I will hear the question “are you Happy, Sasha?” and answer him “Yes!”. But happiness for me is family!” – Kharitonov said in an interview with “House-2”.

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