Максим Фадеев оказался в эпицентре извержения вулкана на Бали Woke up again on the eve of the Agung volcano, located in Indonesia, near the house of the musician. Fans of Maxim Fadeev, who is now resting in Bali, fear for the life of the producer. According to some reports, many Indonesians have already left their homes.
Максим Фадеев оказался в эпицентре извержения вулкана на Бали

For many years, free time, Maxim Fadeev holds on the shores of the Indian ocean, where his luxury Villa. However, this time leave 50-year-old producer was overshadowed by a natural disaster. According to official data, on the eve of the Agung volcano threw a column of ash to a height of two kilometers, and the eruption lasted more than seven minutes.

Today, the eruption happened again, triggering forest fires in the forests located near the volcano.

“Bali Agung again on the loose! I think I will pass,” wrote Maxim on Instagram in a microblog.
Максим Фадеев оказался в эпицентре извержения вулкана на Бали

That’s just the fans don’t share his optimism. They advise the artist to quickly leave the zone of possible defeat. Moreover, the Agung volcano is known for its unpredictability and destructive force in 1963 as the result of violence of elements was lost more than 1000 people.

In recent years, the Indonesian government fails to take prompt action for timely elimination of danger. Despite this, the Agung volcano is increasingly showing signs of life. The last eruption was recorded in November of last year. Ironically, then, Fadeev also vacationing in Bali, and to the last was not going to leave the country.

Fans pray for the life of Maxim Fadeev

In that moment, when the danger level has recognized the “red” producer decided to leave, but it was too late – the authorities closed the airport, and the ferry lined up hundreds of thousands of people.

“The volcano has intensified even more – just a river of concrete, and then hardens, mudslides demolished everything in its path. Increased level of danger, panic at airports, terrible, planes will not fly. To move to another island only by ferry, and it is not possible, as leaving by the hundreds. We hope that all will be well” – shared then Fadeyev.

Then the riot Agung has not resulted in human victims, but after a few weeks, the resort took over the crowds of tourists. Apparently, the producer, as the local residents, accustomed to local natural disasters.

By the way, for Indonesian volcano Agung is considered sacred, so treat him with great respect.