Шерил Коул комментирует отношение матери к расставанию с Лиамом Пейном

The other day Cheryl Cole, and Liam Payne, a former member of boy-band One Direction, announced the breakup. The rumors were true, so the gossips felt a second wind. Now the topic of discussion were the reasons of unpleasant events in the life of stars, and it looks like it’s gone too far. Cheryl did not remain silent and commented on the rumors about his involvement in the breakup with Liam her mother.

Шерил Коул комментирует отношение матери к расставанию с Лиамом Пейном

“As much as I would like to answer such charges at such a difficult time for us, I still can’t sit and listen to all these terrible things that relate to my mother. I don’t understand why it was ever included in our history. I assure you that it does not have this separation irrelevant. I’m a grown woman, which she is able to control his personal life. And my mother is a kind and sweet woman, not deserving to be involved in this horror,” writes Cheryl on his Twitter page.

Recall that in the relations of 35-year-old Cheryl Cole and 24-year-old Liam Payne is not all right to know everything. The artist himself in one of his last interviews confirmed that relations with Cheryl he is not going smoothly. However, fans still believed that the stars manage to keep their relationship and the rumors will remain rumors. But there it was — the couple still broke up. The official statement of the stars themselves posted in their Twitter accounts.

“We are Cheryl and sad to say that we now have different paths. This was a difficult decision for us. We still love each other like family. Bear (son of the couple. — Approx. ed.) — this is our world, and we ask to respect his privacy while we’re trying to pass all together through this” — write the stars in social networks.

It’s safe to say that the stars have taken more than one attempt to save the relationship. For example, after telling the insiders about the breakup, the couple appeared together at the Brit Awards. In an interview with the British newspaper Evening Standard Liam talked about the relationship with Cheryl. “The funny thing is that this happened a week before we were supposed to get married. And after a week we broke up. I prefer to think that now we are somewhere in between. Yes, we have our own problems in relationships: I’m not going to sit here and say that everything is wonderful. Of course, we have to face many problems — it happens in any relationship. But through all that we go through together as a family is most important to me,” said the singer.

Despite the problems in the relationship Liam notes that they are very similar, as both are many years in show business. “I was lucky to be in a relationship with someone who understands what I must do. I don’t think someone from the side would be able to carry on. Of course, it’s hard to meet a public person like me, each step of which the media perverts.”