Максим Фадеев рассказал о тайной комнате в своем доме
The producer made an unusual confession.

Максим Фадеев рассказал о тайной комнате в своем доме

Maxim Fadeev

Maxim Fadeev showed a portrait of his father, painted in oil.
The producer admitted that this canvas will decorate one of the rooms in his house, where the musician has recreated his childhood. For this Fadeev moved from his native Kurgan all the furniture and fittings.

Portrait of father Maxim Fadeev

“Portrait of my father, — said Fadeev. — Very similar. Very
the exact similarity. I’m happy! This portrait will be hanging in my house in the room
which I copied from the room where we lived with a family in Kurgan. Where I
ROS. The same carpet, Desk, library, piano and different things and all of
my childhood. When I come into this room, I have a feeling that
the heat that was then… 40 years ago. Dad, every minute I remember you.”

Alexander Fadeev —
composer, honored teacher of the RSFSR, died in March last year. Maxim
from early childhood, was very close and warm relationship with dad, who
the last day was a musician and inspired his son to make a career in music.