Возлюбленная принца Гарри прошла проверку на прочность
Younger brother William has arranged for his beloved test.

Возлюбленная принца Гарри прошла проверку на прочность

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


As told reporters one of the friends of Harry, of the recent voyage
Prince and Meghan Markle in Norway, was not just a romantic journey as
everyone thought. Actually, it was a serious check to Megan for strength.

The fact that some time ago the younger brother of William admitted his friend: he figured out how to check the girl he
found, to finally see if it’s really him
The only. The Prince decided that his choice should not be a sissy and appreciate
above all, inner harmony and peace. According to Prince, to assess
the girls according to his criteria, it is possible only in extreme conditions.

Of course, choosing a travel route,
Harry, first of all thought of how to impress Megan impression
fabulous pictures of the Northern lights. But not the last role in his decision
played and the fact that at this time in Norway reign of icy silence and
serious frosts. And since the destination of their journey, the Prince chose
the far North, where they also stopped in a deserted area in a small hotel, Harry was able
make sure that Markle is exactly the girl he needs. Because the Prince loves
linger in the Palace, and a significant portion of the year spent in far
travel connected with his active participation in the movement for the protection of endangered and
rare animals.

So when Megan, in which Prince
desperately in love, was also “test”, invented by Harry, we can expect that
the foreseeable future, the Prince will announce their engagement. As previously reported, Harry
already managed to meet with parents Markle. Besides, introduced Megan
almost all of its closest relatives, with the exception of Queen Elizabeth. And
family Harry is said to have approved his choice.