50-летняя Синди Кроуфорд продемонстрировала безупречную фигуру
The model has proven that it can give odds to the young.

Cindy Crawford has pleased its fans with a photoshoot from… saunas. One of the superstars of the fashion world, posing in her bath towel that allowed her to show in all their glory
still slender legs and impressive bust. Cindy is yourself
to allow this, because her figure is still almost perfect. No wonder 50-year-old
Crawford its anniversary met on the beach, where walking around in a bikini.

it’s raining and your husband all day watching football on TV, it’s time
to go to the sauna!” so decided Crawford. Cindy decided to relax in the sauna
one. But most of these “days of rest and beauty,” she is satisfied with the company
your 15 year old daughter. So, a couple of months ago, Crawford has shared pictures on
she and Kaia was happy in the sauna with cosmetic masks on their faces.

which is strikingly similar to his mom, carefully watching their appearance.
She is absolutely necessary, because despite her young age, she already
has become a popular model. No wonder last year at the ceremony, the
The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards in new York on its activities on a model
the field was named “Breakthrough of the year”. And the world-famous brand Mark Jacobs did
a girl’s “face.” As recognized by Cindy, her daughter obviously bypasses because
Crawford-senior signed his first contract only when she was already 20