Спектакль Марка Захарова «Юнона и Авось» сыграли уже 1500 раз
The legendary production of “Lenkom” has set a record.

Спектакль Марка Захарова «Юнона и Авось» сыграли уже 1500 раз

Mark Zakharov and Alexei Rybnikov

Photo: Victor Velikzhanin/TASS

Rock-Opera “Juno and Avos”, staged
Mark Zakharov, 35 years is sold out in “Lenkom” and is considered
the hallmark of this theatre. And this past weekend love story
Russian businessman and Explorer Nikolai Rezanov and young
the beautiful Spaniard Conchita, the audience saw already in 1500 times.

From 1981 to 2005
permanent by Rezanov was Nikolai Karachentsov, but after
a car accident an actor no longer on the scene did not. The main role in turn become
play Dmitry Pevtsov and Viktor Rakov, then this role is introduced and
Semyon Shkalikov. Conchita for many years played Yelena Shanina, and then in this role
viewers saw the Innu Pivar, Alain Khmelnitsky, Anna Bolshova, Alla Yuganova and
Alexander Volkov.

Спектакль Марка Захарова «Юнона и Авось» сыграли уже 1500 раз

Nikolai Karachentsov

Photo: Alexander Yakovlev/TASS

Anna Bolshova and Dmitry Pevtsov

Photo: Alexander Kurov/TASS

The scene of farewell Rezanov with Conchita in which
the characters communicate through an interpreter, mark Zakharov believes that one of the most
strong and soulful in performance. “My proudest moment, and when he came up, ready
was screaming myself, as once our great poet: “Ah Yes Pushkin, Ah Yes…”, —
recalled mark Anatolyevich. But in real life heroes could do without
translator, because Nikolay Petrovich Rezanov was a very educated
man, was fluent in several languages, including Spanish”.

Oddly enough, but the “Juno and Avos”, where
sound of Church hymns and the final “Hallelujah”, which perform all
the performers, in 1981, the play was allowed. Mark Zakharov with the songwriter
play Andrey Voznesensky even went to Bogoyavlensky Cathedral to put
candle of our lady of Kazan, the face of which is in the clouds above the scenery.

“Why the show took the first time – to explain not presume – reflects
Zakharov. – Perhaps his true Patriotic spirit, great music
Alexei Rybnikov – all just liked the strict members of the Commission.
Some element of the miraculous is still present, so the ascension was right
inviting me to immediately go to the temple. We eventually were allowed
play “Juno and Avos” once a month”.