Полуобнаженную Настю Задорожную напугал мойщик окон
The actress shared the story that happened to her overseas trip..

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya

Photo: Instagram

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya caught in an awkward situation. According to
actress, the real Comedy happened to her in everyday life. When you exit
soul star wrapped in a towel only, I noticed outside the window of a stranger
man. It appeared to be an industrial climber, cleaning of a hotel window in Baku, where he stayed Nasty.

However, the incident Zadorozhnaya treated with
its inherent humor. “That awkward moment when you’re at the fifty-some floors
flutter out of the shower, open the form you want to enjoy
beautiful view, but in the end “kind of” enjoying someone on the other
side! — laughed Nastya. — How many times seen in comedies are exactly the same
situation and refused to believe that this could happen in real life. And
in vain.”

Incidentally, the actress had nothing to worry about. The fact that climbers wash Windows in high-rise buildings, strictly
forbidden to look inside the rooms. Violation of this prohibition is punishable simply
reprimand and dismissal, so often workers to accidentally look at
what is happening behind the glass, forced to wash the Windows, turning away from them. That man
in the photo published Zadorozhnaya, looking towards the sea, and not