Ekaterina Varnava called married

Екатерину Варнаву позвали замуж
Beloved gave the actress a diamond ring.

Catherine Barnabas with the groom

Photo: Instagram Catherine Barnabas (kativarnava)

Catherine Barnabas waited on a loved one’s treasured words,
which is a dream of every girl: “marry me”. Dancer Konstantin
Myakinkov made the actress a proposal of marriage and presented a beautiful ring

They met about three years ago
work. Barnabas has combined participation in the Comedy Woman to the position of choreographer in
one of the projects. Constantine came there as a dancer. Young people from
each other much, but Myakinkov put a lot of effort to win a beauty.

We will remind, shortly before the meeting with Konstantin Barnabas
met with Dmitry Khrustalev. Lovers at one time were going to get married. “I brought enough
the conservative — remembered star. — My father has always been against civil
marriages, I do not understand, what’s the point: to live with someone year after year,
but not to marry. Why? If I am your fate — take. No go… And here we are with
Dima once suddenly simultaneously turned to each other and almost in unison
said, “why don’t we get married? It will be a very fun wedding!”

Having made the decision, Khrustalev did Catherine offer and gave her an expensive engagement ring. Alas, some time later, they parted, never
married. The decision about the breakup also came to the artists at the same time, although for both it was a very difficult period.