Maxim Fadeev outraged by the cruelty of the jury “minutes of glory”

Максим Фадеев возмущен жестокостью членов жюри «Минуты славы» The producer supported the eight-year-old Victoria Starikov, whose number was met with mixed reviews from experts, shows of the First channel. According to Maxim Fadeev and his colleagues was unfair to the young performer. The man believes that children require a very careful and tactful treatment.

      Recently on shootings of the program “Minute of fame” was a scandal. The performance of the eight-year-old Victoria Starikova from Nizhny Tagil, who performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”, have caused controversy among members of the jury. Room girls not came to taste, Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Pozner and Sergey Yursky, and she a young actress felt the same and cried.

      Renata Litvinova explained the attacks on the young participant of “minute of fame”

      Producer Maxim Fadeev looked made a lot of noise the air and spoke about the incident. The man does not agree with the point of view of critics of the young singer. He called her performance “wonderful” and accused members of the jury in the excessive strictness in relation to the child.

      “Get past what happened in the air can not because I am a father, teacher, and musician. Unlike all gathered there in the jury… I always had a deep respect for Mr. Posner and thought he was the smartest, the thin man, top-class journalist. But, in my opinion, his attitude towards this little child was very cruel and totally insensitive. He’s also a father and knows that with a baby you need to be extremely cautious and careful in the assessments and criticisms against him. Of course, the criticism should be, but it should be orderly and kindly”, – said the producer.

      With regard to Renata Litvinova, its manner of communication is also not accounted for the man to taste. “Her behavior, faces and texts, I will not comment, it is clear”, – said Fadeev.

      Fadeev also admitted that he was worried about Starikov, when I watched the program. “I wept with her. Because I felt sorry for her: why does she have to clarify who chose this song and how she puts it. She puts exactly what he feels, that’s enough!” – said the man.

      The only member of the jury, which were approved Maxim Fadeev, was Sergei Svetlakov. According to the producer, the showman became ashamed of their colleagues. Fadeev also noted that Kenny g is a great father.

      In addition, the producer recalled his own experience, he was a member of the jury of “the Voice. Children” for two seasons. According to Maxim, he tried to be as tactful and careful in relation to young artists. Once Fadeev and myself had a very hard time. “In my childhood, almost all people who were related to my professional education, said I was good for nothing and capable of nothing”, he said.

      At the end of her post on the social networking Maxim Fadeev turned to Victoria Starikova and supported her after the incident. According to the producer, the girl is a wonderful budding artist. By the way, point of view Fadeeva shared a father and rapper djigan, who called his entry a few approving smiles.

      “Dear Vika, I really liked your performance! You sang it beautifully, and I can tell you only one thing: if you were in my “Voice”, I would have turned to you,” wrote the producer.