Daughter Lolita can’t fall in love

Дочь Лолиты не может влюбиться The singer told about a charming heiress, who will soon finish school and go to University. According to Lolita, eve is not yet having an affair with the opposite sex, because there is no suitable candidates.

      Singer Lolita Milyavskaya brings 18-year-old daughter, eve, who is soon to graduate high school. The star doted in his heir, and gladly tells about her Hobbies. According to Lolita, the girl is fond of a circus theme and reads everything she can about this find. But relationships with the opposite sex, the teenager still does not think. The actress explained to reporters, why did eve not to hurry with the choice of its second half.

      “She says to fall in love with someone. Understand: before my eyes the example of Sanecki – husband, my mom. They married more than 20 years, and treat each other like young lovers. Our grandmother doesn’t carry heavy bags – it makes Sasha. She constantly receives from him bouquets of flowers and hugs with kisses. We raised eve, focusing on the San and not on the cartoon princes or beefy Ken, friend of Barbie. So natural to hear now “to fall in love with whom”… All the time. The time will come to fall in love standing there,” shared the celebrity.

      According to Lolita, she always calls up with a daughter living with her grandmother in Kiev. The artist also regularly seen with the heiress when she’s on a break. Eva, the singer, is well aware that her mother earns money, so can not hold her all the time. “When you come, I want to cuddle, wrap in blanket and on the handles to hold. But my girl is already in a blanket not wrapped, increased”, – said Lolita.

      Reporters also asked the stars, does she get another child. Lolita said that children need to give birth in his youth, and now she wants to live for yourself. According to the IBA, the time for completion of the family missed. Earlier, the singer had considered surrogacy, but eventually rejected the idea. “Work will not leave, means that there will be a babysitter and this is a man”, – quotes celebrity edition of “Telenedelya”.

      Recall that recently, Lolita was the guest of the program “Alone with all”, which frankly told about how raising her daughter. In recognition of Lolita, she tries to give the heir to all that is not received in childhood. “Yes, I have not grown Marilyn Monroe, not a model, but I keep telling her that she is beautiful, good, smart,” said the artist. And very soon the girl will graduate high school and go to University. The singer says that her heir is going to become a student of the Moscow University. Lolita about her daughter: “No she has autism, is a consequence of prematurity”