Maxim Fadeev executed last will of the father

Максим Фадеев исполнил последнюю волю отца The producer explained his return to solo work. A few years ago Maxim Fadeev returned to the stage after a long break. In November of this year the figure of show-business planned a big solo concert in Chose City Hall.
Максим Фадеев исполнил последнюю волю отца

Last weekend Maxim Fadeev noted the anniversary. Producer turned 50 years old. Early in the morning Fadeeva began to congratulate relatives and friends. Friends of the worker of show business, recorded a video message in which he wished the birthday boy success and other achievements. On the eve of the birthday Fadeev gave an interview, telling about his rules of life.

In 2015, Maxim Alexandrovich returned to the stage after a 20 year hiatus. The producer recorded the song Breach the line, included in the official soundtrack to the animated film “Savva. A warrior’s heart”. Then, Fadeev has told that feels the rush and is going to act fun – times five or maybe ten years. In a recent interview he explained the reasons for his action.

“I started singing because my dad wanted with his mother. And I’m back. My father is no more, but he managed to hear me sing again, and I am very happy. Other reasons for my return to the vocals, no,” the producer shared with reporters.

The father of the artist – musicologist and composer Alexander Fadeev. He died in March of 2016 in Kurgan. The father’s leaving was a heavy blow for a producer. Last year, Fadeyev admitted that they can accept the loss. “It’s just unbearable. I swear to you, if the bullet sits in the heart of the all. I am terribly worried about him. As it is there where he is, how he feels… I’m just desperate sometimes. Not getting any easier. No. I love you my angel,” wrote the worker of show business in social networks. Mother artist Svetlana Petrovna – performer of Russian and Gypsy songs and romances. In January 2017 she turned 70 years old.

In November of this year, Maxim Fadeev is going to perform a solo concert in Crocus City Hall. Figure of show business rarely pleases the audience with their concerts, so fans are actively snapping up tickets. Prices for the event start from 1500 and go up to 12 thousand rubles, so is the place in the VIP sector. He Fadeev says that money for him is not important.

“I don’t need a private jet. I think it’s overkill. And I don’t need ships, boats, yachts. I wanted to build a house on the ocean, and I built it. What else does a man need to have, I don’t know,” – said Fadeev.

In a recent interview, the producer also admitted that he feels absolutely free. Now Maxim Alexandrovich no longer need to meet program Directors of TV channels and radio stations, which dictate their own rules. Before a beginning artist said that his work doesn’t fit the format. Modern technology has changed the music industry.

“The Internet has broken the bones of the old media. People who are really popular, stay online for a long time. View telly. There all the time flashing people and seventeen. And the Internet thousands of different talented guys — rappers, and musicians. Each has its fans and its audience. And the television and radio audience every second goes” – quoted Fadeev Esquire magazine.