Elena Sparrow about the operation to his daughter: “She was in pain to sleep, hard to breathe”

Елена Воробей об операции дочери: «Ей было больно спать, тяжело дышать» Sony is having problems with his back. After examination in the clinic of the Russian state daughter Elena Sparrow has not improved. That is why they decided to go in a specialized center in Germany.
Елена Воробей об операции дочери: «Ей было больно спать, тяжело дышать»

Last week it became known that the daughter of Elena Sparrow Sonya was in the hospital. The actress was very worried about the baby and was on duty near the house. Clinic in Munich specializiruetsya in surgery and orthopedics, its specialists help to treat people with epilepsy and serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In a new post in the microblog Elena Sparrow thanked subscribers for their support and told what happened to her daughter. Some time ago one of the children’s medical institutions of Moscow, the girl was diagnosed with scoliosis. However, if re-treatment no back problems it discovered, claiming that there are no problems.

“About six months ago, Sonia came the terrible pain. It pained her to sleep, it became hard to breathe. I realized that to tempt fate a second time, do not want, and took Sonya to the German specialists. I decided not to proceed with the operation. We did the operation: put 20 screws, two spokes in the back,” said the Sparrow.

According to Elena, many people have helped her their wishes. She kept abreast of all concerned. A couple of days ago, the actress comedian said that the child begins to move and already eats well.

“Even brought Sonia a fun toy that sings “I feel good”. We’re almost all family – arrived sister Nastya, aunt Natasha, dear grandfather Jacob, to whom the second of may was 70 years old. Sonia feels a little better. Were, however, still own it can not do. Oh, and yesterday woke up appetite that is already loyal good sign! We wish you all a lovely spring day, good mood and less stress! But most importantly, good health” – shared Sparrow.

Sonja was the only child of Elena Sparrow. The girl was born in 2003. Father Sony was married businessman Igor Konstantinovich. Daughter Sparrow wears her name, and in the column “father” at Sony says: “Igor Konstantinovich, according to mother.” The man died in 2016, unsuccessfully falling from the roof. Despite all efforts of doctors, he was not able to save, as the injuries were very serious.