Max Fadeev has posted a rare video featuring the granddaughter of Larisa Dolina

The producer showed what talent has Sasha. The girl has long been engaged in singing, and sometimes performs with her famous grandmother at one stage. Subscribers Fadeeva praised young talent.

Maxim Fadeev often shares Instagram rollers with participation of children. In a new post he showed home speech granddaughter Larisa Dolina Sasha. The girl cheerfully sings “a Song about the sea devil” from the Soviet movie “the Amphibian Man”. The child boldly looking into the camera and hops under composition. Maxim Fadeev presented the young artist with his audience microblog.

«Acquaint! Sasha Valley! She is the Grand daughter of the great singer Larisa Dolina! Teach music to kids! The music forms a harmonious consciousness. Music teaches children to feel and love! Believe me! Give your kids to play music!”- said in the caption to the video producer.

Followers Fadeeva admire the vocal talent of Sasha and artistry. “What a spirited girl!”, “Artistic girly – krasotulka! In the theatre she wants. Maybe I’m wrong! At the expense of the vocals, not a specialist. In any case, the rights Maxim, children should be taught, for sure!”, “Beautiful girl with charisma and great potential”, “Well the girl sings. She has a hearing,” and discussed the performance of the subscribers of Maxim.

About two years ago, Alexander made his debut on the big stage, speaking with the grandmother on “new year party”. Now the successor of the famous names are often involved in some of the rooms Larisa Dolina. The girl is engaged in ensemble “Neposedy”, and some time ago I went to drama school. The singer admitted that Sasha brought up in a creative way, but it’s hard to say what career she will choose for yourself. Sometimes the star’s grandmother gives her granddaughter advice: how to listen to intonation and pronounce words. However the girl already has a penchant for the exact Sciences, therefore, most likely, she will succeed in mathematics.