Former husband of Helen Ksenofontova arranges her scandals because of my daughter

Бывший муж Елены Ксенофонтовой устраивает ей скандалы из-за дочери The star of the show “Kitchen” continues a legal battle with ex-husband Alexander of Red. The man claims to be an apartment owned by the actress. Recently Elena Ksenofontova told about how Alexander deals with the heir to Sofia.
Бывший муж Елены Ксенофонтовой устраивает ей скандалы из-за дочери

Actress Elena Ksenofontova continues to plead with the former civil husband Alexander Redheads, the father of her daughter Sophia. This time the man wants to cancel the deed to the apartment that I received from him the artist. The star of the show “Kitchen” was outraged by the act of Red. Elena’s friends stood on her side in social networks, starting a flashmob in support of a celebrity.

In a recent interview, Edward told about his conflict with ex-spouse and his encounters with Sophia. According to the actress, she allows Alexander to communicate with his daughter, but against her trips abroad with his father and nights outside the house.

“He usually calls his daughter’s cell phone that I bought her and who put the money and reports about the meetings. And if, God forbid, Sonya doesn’t answer, he arranges a scandal, supposedly I’m not giving her to hang out with dad, – says the artist. – I respect the decision of the court about the order of communication, father-daughter, although it has not entered into legal force, as disputed. In February, this decision does not cancel, then it will continue.”
Бывший муж Елены Ксенофонтовой устраивает ей скандалы из-за дочери

Because of the constant suffering vessels work Helena. The actress was supposed to go on tour, but are unable to leave. The star also complained that forced to pay the lawyers, then how could spend money on children.

At the same time Red claims not to mind if the ex-spouse will revise its existing apartment daughter. According to Helen, her ex-husband is not entirely honest. The actress is not going to meet Alexander. The star said that she has an older son, Timothy, born in marriage with producer llya Neratinib.

“To Alexander Nikolaevich I lived on Sretenka in a two-bedroom apartment that belonged to me and my son. And to bring donated them to the apartment in order to pay debts, which presented to me the property was encumbered, I had to sell the property on Sretenka. Therefore, the words that he agreed, so I rewrote quartino and Sonia, a bluff. This property belongs to me and the two children,” said Edward “Express newspaper”.

Meeting in the matter of the stars of the series “Kitchen” was held on January 17, but it was postponed on 5 February. What is happening with Ksenofontova her friends call “a gross injustice”. The Network has created a petition in support of a famous actress. Users of social networks think that Elena did not cause her husband’s injuries, so need to consider her innocent.

Fans of Ksenofontova organized a massive flash mob in support of the actress

Note that the deed can be undone if drieway intentionally caused the donor bodily harm. Earlier, the former husband of Ksenofontova filed a claim that she raised a hand on him. The actress quashed the sentence but was found guilty. So he can claim her estate.

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