Matthew McConaughey called upon to support the trump

Мэттью Макконахи призвал поддержать Трампа

While half of America go to demonstrations against the new President of the United States Donald trump, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey urged to stop rallies and get to work, while so finally to support the choice of their opponents and to come to terms with it.

In ether one of the programs coming to BBC One, Matthew said that we should cease to speak out against Donald trump.

“Otherwise we have no choice, he is our President, whether we like it or not. After the inauguration began some constant scandals and quarrels, but the opposition will not benefit. I think we all need to be more constructive and accept the fact that trump the next four years will be the head of the state” – said the actor.

Recall that the wife of the artist, Camilla Alves only last year were granted citizenship, although emigrated to the United States from Brazil in 2001.