Sergey Lazarev got a tattoo in honor of son

Сергей Лазарев сделал тату в честь сына

Popular Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, who, as we already know, more than two years, is a father who got a tattoo in honor of his son.
On his page in the social network, the singer published a photo on which he is depicted in profile, and on the neck it depicts the Roman letter N.

Presumably, made a tattoo in honor of his son Sergei Nikita.
The N — only and have signed the Lazarev. I must say that even about a week ago Sergey intrigued subscribers by writing on his page: “+1… a long time it wanted… but could afford just now… to a tattoo parlor Miami ink, where did the wings.”
We will remind that that he is the father, Sergei, said in December last year. To show his son Lazarev was not and is not going to do that, reasoning that his dishonest and unscrupulous reporters who can own persecution to scare Jake.