Masha Malinovskaya received threats from her ex-husband

Маше Малиновской поступают угрозы от бывшего мужа Well-known TV presenter experiences fear before the father of her child. Masha Malinovskaya has published in his microblog a mixed review. Fans concerned by the alarming messages from the stars.

      Маше Малиновской поступают угрозы от бывшего мужа

      Fans of Masha Malinovskaya frightened and confused. TV presenter has published on his page on “Instagrame” ambiguous post. She left a picture with a portrait of her ex-husband, businessman Denis Davitashvili. And under it were making a terrible signature.

      “Here it is, the “hero” of my novel! Not long ago, Davitashvili Denis Aleksandrovich. If me, my son or mother, something happens (attack, kidnapping, death), by the customer of any possible accidents may be only one person! Spirkov Denis,” wrote the star.

      In a conversation with “Stricom” Jayne confirmed that she feared for themselves and their loved ones.

      “What’d he do?” – asked one of podpiski Masha. “If you threaten to sue about deprivation of paternity – advised other. – Witnesses, the car will be at your side. A generally better to hire a good lawyer”.

      I wonder what Masha had one day to use the services of the famous lawyer. It was in 2014 when the divorce with the aforementioned Denis Davitashvili she was assisted by Sergei Zhorin. The lawyer had defended the interests of their ward and announced on his page on “Twitter” that case is closed.

      “Only that Maria Malinowska became again an unmarried girl. Magistrate court plot 179 of Moscow rendered a decision on dissolution of marriage,” he said. In the statement it was stated that disputes about property division and the right of residence with the minor son Myron had no spouses.

      Meanwhile, as says Malinovskaya, after two years, her ex-husband never showed his fatherly qualities.

      “Looking for a lawyer! Post a message to the media. My ex-husband Cavitatile Denis for four and a half years did not pay child support, and in addition refuses to give me the permission to export of the son abroad on holiday. I’ve never had any complaints, but my patience came to an end. Four and a half years he was hiding, changed her name, and I’m ready to give all my information to the lawyer who will take the case!”, – Maria said in his microblog.

      Fans of the stars are supporting her, as best I can. They are happy that the Pool was not to keep silent about their problems, and spoke about them publicly. After all, it to some extent can protect you from possible unpleasant consequences in dealing with ex-spouse.

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