Julia Volkova first told how he overcame cancer

Юлия Волкова впервые рассказала, как поборола рак The famous singer admitted that she was treated for cancer. But during surgery, doctors damaged the voice actress of the nerve. Yulia Volkova, remembered the difficult time his life.

      Юлия Волкова впервые рассказала, как поборола рак

      The famous singer Julia Volkova has gained popularity thanks to participation in the t group.A.T.u, which appeared on the national stage in the late 90s . The Duo are popular among both the domestic audience and the audience abroad. But after the collapse of the group, Yulia Volkova decided to build a solo career. However, in 2012, the singer was faced with a terrible diagnosis. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

      In order to rid of the disease, Julia went to the clinic. She had no choice as to go under the surgeon’s knife. But during complex operations Volkova voice damaged nerve. For the singer it was the strongest challenge in her life, as she could not only sing, but speak normally.

      “After the necessary tests, the doctors confirmed I had cancer of the thyroid gland. During surgery to remove the tumor voice I damaged the nerve. When I woke up after anesthesia, was about to speak, but I just didn’t have a voice, I whispered. It was the most critical moment in my life,” said Volkov.

      Many celebrities have recently stopped hiding their health problems from the public. Some believe that the more people will know about it, the greater the scrutiny that will relate to their own health. Not so long ago a well-known journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has told how more than twenty years ago had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. After he was diagnosed with a terrible disease, he was very worried. But the support of family and friends helped him cope with the disease. Now Posner urges all who are faced with such a diagnosis, fight to the end and not give up. Note that the presenter is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Posner remains in good physical shape and continues to work.

      As Vladimir Pozner, Julia Volkova just now decided to tell about what he has experienced. Four years ago, Julia Volkova didn’t share with the public the news about this terrible disease. She said only that he underwent surgery on the vocal cords. As reported by “Izvestia”, she did not comment on the disease.

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