Маша Малиновская откровенно рассказала о «наркозависимости» The presenter shed light on the conjectures of ill-wishers. Masha Malinovskaya is enraged by the comments of the envious, who attributed her passion for banned substances. The blonde said that Rustam Solntsev purposely spreading gossip about her.
Маша Малиновская откровенно рассказала о «наркозависимости»

Not long ago, the showman Rustam Solntsev commented on the addiction 36-year-old Masha Malinovskaya. In an exclusive video for “StarHit” former member of telestroke said that the infamous blonde uses illegal substances. Solntsev believes that the presenter needs urgent intervention of health professionals.

Rustam Solntsev: “Masha Malinovskaya’s time to see a psychiatrist”

Reporters contacted with a celebrity to comment on the situation. TV presenter and model said that it plans to respond to Rustam Solntsev. According to blondes, showman decided to “PR” at its expense. “Based on the fact that I was friends with Both brick and he was friends with Dana, which is now treated, Masha next?” – angry star. As stressed by the Director, the sun is not her friend.

“I don’t do drugs, alcohol, anything prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation! Rustam Solntsev I have seen twice: on the program TNT and in my ward, when I did some plastic surgery at Nut Babayan. He came to visit me, brought me some cake, offered to do a project. I did not see never in life. Just saw it in the movie “saving Mary”. But a wave. I recorded some verses on Instagram, and the people I began to attribute some condition: alcoholic, some more. They say, need to be treated urgently! What’s wrong with her?” – said Masha.

Masha Malinovskaya believes that Rustam Solntsev profitable to criticize. The presenter believes that the ex-participant of telestroke committed to draw attention to themselves in all possible ways. “Nothing, except to throw mud on this PR, Rustam,” said Mary.

According to the famous blonde, at the moment she is busy raising her son. May 11, heir of Masha Malinovskaya was six years old. Star believes that the boy is growing like her. Leading finds the child is very smart and beautiful. As for the other details of life Malinowska, the celebrity said that she had “everything is fine”, without going into details.

“On what basis I could receive thoughts about drugs? Which company need to get to be the woman who says Rustam Solntsev? He may be a drug addict, I think. Because it is a stitch, to do nothing more how to earn points & points”, – quotes the Director of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We also recall that Rustam Solntsev asked Dana Borisov to contribute to the treatment of colleagues. Showman believes that a woman who is in rehabilitation in Thailand, you will understand what problems allegedly faced Masha Malinovskaya.

Dana Borisova: “Daughter does not want to communicate with me”

“In our show business, one former TV presenter, well-known to you, with the big lips and Tits. Masha a call. She barely tongue drags, she really needs help… Not everyone is like you, Dan, understand the need for treatment and ask to “Let them talk”. And in the case of Masha hesitates is lost, it is urgently necessary to save…” – with these words, the reality star turned to Borisova.