Disease Yulia Nachalova led to disastrous consequences

Заболевание Юлии Началовой привело к ужасающим последствиям The singer was faced with the manifestations of the old disease. For many years, the artist suffers from gout, which gives her discomfort, and forced from time to time to go on a strict diet. “StarHit” to find out what happened with Julia Nachalova.
Заболевание Юлии Началовой привело к ужасающим последствиям

Recently in Moscow hosted the award “Mother of the year”, it appeared Yulia Nachalova. When 36-year-old singer appeared on the scene, many noticed her hands: the hands were covered with cones.

“Gout, Julia was discovered more than five years ago – said “StarHit” surrounded by stars. – Since then, the disease manifests itself in different ways. Occasional aggravation: the joints in the hands and feet start growing. Of course, she is experiencing discomfort. After all, a public person, all the time”.

So as not to attract too much attention, the singer is trying to choose a more closed clothes. Sometimes save gloves, but in the summer they are not particularly diarrhea.

“Most of the gout appears in the background of the problems with the kidneys, they do not work and display an insufficient amount of uric acid, – explained the “StarHit” Natalia Sokolova, rheumatologist. – First of all to remove inflammation and cleanse the body. One diet is not enough. Sometimes people have to take medication over the years. In advanced cases of salt is removed using the procedure of blood purification – plasmapheresis. It can be held every six months.”
Заболевание Юлии Началовой привело к ужасающим последствиям

Nachalova admits that eleven years ago she underwent unsuccessful surgery for breast enlargement. Doctors have warned the star about the possible risks. In the end, the worst thing happened: implants got infected and went septic.

“I almost died, but in time I pumped out and put on feet”, – has shared with “StarHit” Nachalova. Now I am extremely attentive to their own health”.

However, the consequences Nachalova fights so far. Sepsis resulted in impaired renal function, and then had the gout. Since then, the singer regularly sits on a strict diet, which excludes meat, broth, alcohol, and fast food.