Алла Пугачева и Максим Галкин сделали детям особый подарок The couple had twins trip to the zoo. Maxim Galkin has shared a video, which showed that it liked the children during the visit. Fans of celebrities came to the delight of the spontaneity of the twins.

Publication of Maxim Galkin | Official (@maxgalkinru) Jul 10 2017 8:43 PDT

On the eve of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin arranged for the children a fascinating tour to the zoo. The comedian, who loved to put short videos in the blog, filmed their visit on camera. Before Lisa and Harry came to the animals, the Pope asked whom they would like to see most.

“I fell in love with the crocodile. And I want to look at the Toucan. This is the bird. And I want to see the elephant,” says Lisa.

Her brother Harry was interested in the monkeys. During a visit to the zoo parents bought the kids ice cream. Galkin filmed as Alla Borisovna explained to her daughter the details of the life of primates. Maxim showed the son a cage with a giraffe. The boy was sitting on your dad’s shoulders and asked the animal to come closer.

“We’re at the zoo. Alla voiced the thoughts of monkeys. Lisa was frightened of the tiger. I and Harry went through the tunnel with bats, spiders and crocodiles”, is briefly signed movie Galkin.

Fans of celebrities didn’t hide their delight after watching the video with the twins. Many followers Galkina was amazed how well Express their thoughts three heirs.

“What sensible kids”, “These kids are the best proof of your love and the best response to evil tongues,” “With children, they devote a lot of time. It shows!”, “Beautiful and interesting children. So sweet say”, “Lisa is very artistic. When she talks, she say eyes and facial expressions, all in mother! Insanely beautiful and smart girl!” wrote fans of comedian.

Recall that the family Pugacheva and Galkina spend time in Jurmala. Maxim tries to capture the unexpected moments that occur with them on vacation. So, the heroines of some of the rollers of steel Alla and Laima Vaikule. Women joked about how they have to eat to stay slim. Video artists collected hundreds of thousands of views in social networks, and fans were amazed by their zest for life. Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule sat on an extreme diet