Маша Малиновская в восторге от своих силиконовых губ The presenter showed subscribers microblog collage of photos. The difference between the frames of the left and right – ten years. Malinovskaya asked followers what photo it looks better.

      Маша Малиновская в восторге от своих силиконовых губ

      One of the sexiest TV presenters, Masha Malinovskaya decided to find out how she’s changed in ten years. The star posted a microblog collage, where the left is a photo of a girl at the age of 19, and on the right is 29.

      In the first scenes fans saw the young Masha too vysvetleni hair and open eyes, on the second business lady with dark skin and black-rimmed glasses.

      “I don’t know, what’s not to like journalists. So I definitely like the second option!”, – signed picture Malinovskaya. Fans concluded that the two photos have different color Mary’s hair and lips. In the second photo of Kim and his mouth looks much bigger. Striking blonde was injected with a special medication containing particles of silicone and Botox to achieve such lips.

      “With the big lips look spectacular, With age blossomed”, “Very strange upper lip, but still better in 29” – such comments have been left followers of Malinovsky.

      By the way, many fans of Malinovsky believe that the leading overdid it with plastic surgery. Woman twice fell under the surgeon’s knife to find the chest of dreams. According to Mary, such a procedure was required to achieve symmetry, previously left breast the stars looked smaller. The doctor has put her modern Brazilian implants with a polyurethane coating.

      Malinovskaya always tries to look perfect. Leading eats for Breakfast, mango or Fig. It is also a necessary component of the diet are seafood. Besides, Masha is working hard on her figure in the gym with a personal trainer. Thanks to an active lifestyle and regular workouts, the extra pounds on the body the stars are not delayed.

      Maria is very serious about its professional activities. Perfectionism leading sometimes becomes so Intrusive that it leads to problems. For example, she got into a bad situation when she was invited to take part in the filming of a Hollywood movie. “The day before the start of filming I learned that my role in the English language that I don’t know. Everything I do must be very professional. I can’t afford to see on my pronunciation all laughed. So I had to give up. But I do not regret it,” said Maria later. Masha Malinovskaya spoke about personal experiences

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