Anastasia Volochkova was justified for the erotic splits

Анастасия Волочкова оправдалась за эротические шпагаты Stretching Russian ballerina marvel at the thousands of followers of her microblog. But most of all social network users praised the twine star that she demonstrates on any surface and in any weather conditions.

      Анастасия Волочкова оправдалась за эротические шпагаты

      Anastasia never misses an opportunity to demonstrate their stretching. Brand twine ballerina is found on every fifth photo on Instagram of the star. Some jokes on this pose Volochkova photos, and others admire her flexibility.

      Recently ballerina has laid out a frame where she is sitting in a longitudinal splits on the large dark sofa. In the caption to the picture Volochkova explained that all her life – the splits!

      “After rehearsal I took a little break on the couch. But I rest in the splits. I think I’m in the splits – live! Maintaining the stretch, gained many years of daily hours of labor. No matter what anyone said, but I know that it’s cool. My splits you can delight or annoy. But try it for yourself. And realize that it’s not easy. And his achievements I really cherish,” explained Anastasia.
      Анастасия Волочкова оправдалась за эротические шпагаты

      “It’s really cool”, “Good job, I respect people who have these achievements and successes, this is good”, “It’s your business card,” wrote fans ballerina under the photo with the twine.

      By the way, Anastasia has many other talents. Volochkova recently debuted in the theater, playing the role in the play “a man Came to the woman.” And soon the artist plans to release a second book. Anastasia recently discussed this issue at a meeting with the CEO of the network of shops “House of books” Nadezhda Mikhailova and editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Moscow truth” Shoda Mulajanov.

      It is assumed that new creation of Anastasia will be a continuation of the first autobiography, which was published in 2009. There’s the ballerina told about the backstage secrets of the Bolshoi theater, about his personal life, about the rumors that continued around her. In the second part of the work Volochkova will also get exclusive photos from the Russian prima.

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