Муж Наргиз Закировой рассказал о бедственном положении Philip Balzano lived for several years at the expense of his wife. Now Nargiz Zakirova refuses to pay the debts of her husband. Now wife actress even nothing to cover the utility bills.

      Муж Наргиз Закировой рассказал о бедственном положении

      Bright participant of the project “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova has been married with Italian singer Filipp, Balzano 20 years. During this time, they had a daughter Leila. However, more recently the public learned about the scandal in the seemingly perfect family. Nargiz Zakirova husband demanded that his wife paid the debts before they get divorced.

      Nargiz Zakirova: “My ex-husband is asking for 40 thousand dollars for a divorce”

      “Now I don’t know how to survive. Every day I run from person to person, to ask to borrow money! I can’t have children, your life, I can’t do anything. 118 thousand dollars of debt is no joke! It as much as I have today. Maybe even more,” admitted Balzano in an interview.

      Philip said that for a long time he lived at the expense of Nargis. According to his version, the artist asked him to leave work to go home. Two and a half years ago, before Zakirova went on the show “the Voice”, he worked in a cafe. Balzano, found something to their liking – was to equip a recording Studio for the money wife’s.

      “Over time, my debt grew to a total of 100 thousand. There were occasions when she was salivales me and helped me, and after a couple of days have said: “you Have debts? Sell the equipment!” – complained the artist.

      Philip now lives in new York. He said that he is so distress that he had nothing to pay the bills. Singer of Italian descent has made repeated requests to Nargis, but his attempts to talk with his wife not bring any result. Zakirova intends to obtain a divorce through the courts, despite the fact that her husband offered her different options for solving their conflict. One of his conditions is to take a three month break, to try to establish a relationship. And his second request was the fact that Nargis has tested it on the lie detector, asking any interested in her question. So he wants to prove his love and devotion and everything back to normal.

      Husband Nargiz Zakirova: “I will always love you”

      “I am at the boiling point. Today came to turn off the light in the house. I have no money in the account! I gave them what was, to extend electricity for another day,” – said the husband Zakirova in an interview with Life.

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