Маша Малиновская попросилась на украинское телевидение

Disappointed in national television, a well-known Russian TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya wants to try his luck in the neighborhood. According to the famous blonde at home it does not work on the native TV it does not take (Malinovskaya meant “decent” channels), and in the neighboring country would work. When Maria even mentioned that she is half Ukrainian.

“I want to be on TV. “Rashke” nothing happens, but in Ukraine I would love to worked. I love Ukraine, I am half Ukrainian, I have my mother’s maiden name Chepizhko” — said Masha, while the political situation between the two countries, it is not going to comment on, meets the most modern briefly: “It does not concern me”.
For new work Malinovskaya ready to change Moscow to Kiev, and in Odessa even has her apartment, where she lived for two years of his life immediately after birth. The desire to work in the neighboring country Mary explained the need she had to earn to support the child and mother.

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