Мученик науки: какие университеты покоряют звездные дети “StarHit” found out where the son Orbakaite, the daughter Meladze and other heirs of celebrities. Soon they will celebrate prom and go to Universities where they have to work independently on their future.

      Мученик науки: какие университеты покоряют звездные дети

      Contrary to popular belief that children of the star people everything always comes easy, the heirs of celebrities in sweat trying to win the right to study at the most prestigious institutions of the country. Guys like their peers, attend various courses, work with Tutors and can’t sleep nights, trying to learn a particular subject in order to successfully cope with the exam and the entrance exams. Soon they will celebrate graduation and go into adulthood, where they are responsible for their own future. “StarHit” figured out what road chose a star, the heirs and that they have to do in order to in September to be among the freshmen.

      Denis Baysarov,

      Son Of Christina Orbakaite

      17-year-old Denis never followed the footsteps of my mother – despite the fact that he graduated from music school class of drums, the young man has a mathematical mind. “With high school son is already decided, says “StarHit” Aguilera. − In the summer he went to practice in Cambridge: there are trained guys from different countries, in the process of choosing a University. Denis sent the documents and test scores in five high schools – “business management”, all received a positive response. Soon will start to collect the bags.”

      Denis himself admitted to “StarHit”, I will turn a new page in the life: “of Course, I’m a little sad to leave,” says the mayor. – I will miss my family. But feel ready and will not fail family. Plan to live in the Dorm. Ahead graduation: in may the international, then the use. Sit all day with books and exams.”


      Daughter Valery Meladze

      Мученик науки: какие университеты покоряют звездные дети

      The last months of 16-year-old Sophia day and night preparing for entrance exams. Student of gymnasium №1542 chose the faculty of international relations MGIMO.

      “This is the place, where Sonia will be able to open up − says “StarHit” the girl’s mother Irina Meladze. – Now we finish the tutoring. English, history, Russian. Free minute Sony is no at all, not even to sleep really can not. Of course, it’s a little scary. But the daughter is so restarted that it was no time for emotions. We – mom, dad, sisters are always there and support her!”


      Son Of Sergei Dorenko

      Мученик науки: какие университеты покоряют звездные дети

      Son radio and TV presenter this year graduated from the prestigious Lomonosov school. As continuing education, he chose the faculty of Economics of the University. “I studied Prokhor is not always good, so the medal doesn’t Shine,” said “StarHit” Sergei Dorenko. – I helped him study in high school the need for this has disappeared – the guy grew up. Before the exam he Tutors in English, mathematics and Russian. I’ll try to do on a budget. I am 16 years old lived alone, so I think Prochorus is ready for that independent life.”


      The Daughter Of Yevgeny Kafelnikov

      Мученик науки: какие университеты покоряют звездные дети

      17-year-old tennis player this year, graduated from school №1234. “Now began the most nervous and busy time: before the exams because there are very few time – admitted “StarHit” Ales Kafelnikov. Every day the situation is heating up: hours in the day that absolutely anything is missing. My schedule is painted literally on minutes: I’m working with a tutor, go on courses in mathematics, read a lot, and all this trying to combine the work. Not yet decided at which University I will do, all depends on the results of the exam. The priority, of course, the faculty of public relations and public relations. Contrary to rumours to surrender all myself I will, relying solely on themselves and their own knowledge.”


      The Daughter Of Timur Kizâkova

      The eldest daughter of the leader of the program “While all houses” plans to follow in the footsteps of his father to become a journalist. “There is no compulsion from our side was not, is her conscious choice,” says the “StarHit” Timur Kizyakov. My wife and I are happy, will talk about what to advise. Lena at first tries it in the TV environment, although writing it is easy. She had tried not one year is engaged in a children’s TV Studio “RAKURS”. Daughter already knows what kind of hard work. As for University, I think. One of the options – PFUR, but there are others. Preparing very seriously worried. And we as parents are nervous. But I’m sure Lena will have her way!”

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