Анастасия Волочкова меняется с дочерью вещами The actress is having fun in the company of his mother and heiress. Not only do they have family dinners, but fun. So, a ballerina with pleasure tried on on themselves a favorite accessory of daughter’s sunglasses in fashionable black and white stripes.

      Анастасия Волочкова меняется с дочерью вещами

      On a weekend visit to ballerina Anastasia Volochkova looked her mother Tamara. The actress had a wonderful relaxing time together with her and also with his successor to Ariane. Women love to spend time together, talking and having fun. In the evenings, they regularly hosted family gatherings and talking about everything. “My favourite has arrived!”, — commented on the arrival of the beloved people’s artist.

      In addition, as it turned out, Volochkova well sit things daughter. The dancer tried on sunglasses by Ariadne, who bought her didn’t fit. “Arisha came and gave a try on her glasses. To me they go?”, asked the artist of the subscribers of his microblog.

      Fans of Anastasia hastened to assure that the accessory suits her. “Yes, go”, “Glasses daughter always go mommy, stay of her best friend”, “Yeah, well, you’re very cute”, “complete with Kerry is very are coming!” “Stylish” — they wrote.

      At the same time, other subscribers Volochkova said that the woman does not go to points, and she should wear other rims. “Not with that haircut,” “Not,” “Anastasia, would you prefer the classics, for example, glasses butterfly black or entirely without ornaments, or with little gems,” they expressed their opinion in the comments of the post celebrities.

      By the way, in recognition Volochkova, she like to meet their loved ones. On the occasion of arrival of his daughter, the actress gave her two bouquets of white roses favorite colors Anastasia.

      Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) Jun 18 2016 at 3:03 PDT

      Recall that in his mansion in the suburbs Volochkova has moved in the past year. Three-storey house ballerina is estimated at two million dollars. To get it, Anastasia had been saving for years. Housing celebrities is located not very far from the center of the capital. To reach it from there, you need about 40 minutes.

      In recognition Volochkova, she is one of my thrills was working over every detail of the interior of his luxurious mansion. Its design is dominated by bright colors, in this beige furniture, white dressers and cabinets, and chandeliers, made in the Palace style. A real decoration of the living room at the stars was the piano, which Anastasia gave her friend Nikolay Baskov. In interviews, the actress said that she’s no longer plays music, but her daughter Ariadna professionally are engaged in music, and so often sits behind this tool.

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